Organic Baby Products – Overview

Choosing organic baby products is a more and more popular option for new parents. Every parents wants to provide the best possible products to use for their baby’s comfort and health. Organic baby products have the advantage of reduced or eliminated allergens, carcinogens and other irritants. For a newborn infant with sensitive skin, anything that can be done to reduce exposure to such substances will provide more comfort for the child and less danger of exposure to health compromising ingredients in the products used every day. Now, parents have the choice of selecting products that are specially formulated to be free of harmful substances.

What makes it Organic?

Organic baby products are considered to be so when they are created, produced or manufactured without relying upon chemicals such as fertilizers, chemical washes and other substances. When considering the purchase of organic baby products, you need to read the labels carefully. Not every item that says organic is actually free of man-made materials. However, for items that are truly organic, the results are products that are free of negative components and ingredients. Because of their purity, these products are recommended over the standard run of products and may contain harmful ingredients.

Bedding and Clothing

Baby bedding and baby clothing are another popular category of organic baby products . Baby bedding doesn’t contain any chemical dyes or other irritants for baby’s skin. Baby bedding is made of all organic materials such as cotton, grown without pesticides, silk and wool. Other organic baby products in clothing designs usually have soft natural colors such as oatmeal, carrot, and chocolate. Since there are no pesticides used in the growth of the materials and no chemicals used in the production, there is little likelihood of skin irritation or breathing difficulties or other health problems as the baby grows older.


Organic baby products in the category of toys are becoming more popular also, as parents realize the benefits of simple, non toxic playthings for babies. Because these baby toys contain no chemicals, there is no concern about the baby ingesting anything harmful while chewing on the toy. Babies explore by tasting, feeling and seeing the world around them and organic baby products allows them to do so without placing them in danger of carcinogens or irritants. When you, as a parent can give your child safe toys, while at the same time improving the environment, it’s a hard combination to beat.

Why go Organic?

Organic baby products are a great idea for all of the above reasons individually, but they are a positive step for people of this generation to hand on to future generations. Reducing dependence upon non-renewable products; limiting the number of chemical pollutions in the soil and in lakes and waterways, and providing clean air is the result of producing and purchasing organic baby products. These products are good for the individual and good for the planet as well. You won’t have a problem with your health or the health of your child when you reduce the exposure to harmful aspects of the environment.